Itching for that Kayak Fishing Outlet?

One of the best things about getting into the world of kayak fishing is the wide spread community you immediately become a part of. Luckily for a lot of us, a local Kayak Fishing club/community is only a few clicks of the mouse away. As for us in upstate NY this is going to be a particularly exciting season, the 2015 fishing season brings with it the start of the CNY chapter of Kayak Anglers of PA.


Check out their “About” page HERE… for their own wording of what they are all about.

This club is a lot like the clubs all over the country, for a low annual membership fee, members get discounted tournament entries, discounts on sponsored products, but most of all, they get membership into a community of like minded individuals, all with new knowledge to share about their “favorite fishing spot”…

That has always been my favorite aspect about joining a new club, getting to try out new lakes, and areas and places I had never paddled before… makes you think, why you would ever do the same paddle twice.

Get out there and check out your local clubs, try fishing new locations, different baits and reels… talk to people, and become and active member,  if you are serious about getting into the sport of Kayak Fishing, or just want to get out and have a good time… you can not find a better outlet then your local Kayak Fishing club.

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