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The Art of “Floating”

People that fish out of a kayak always have a preference on what type of water they would prefer to be on, what type of fish they love going after the best, what type of bait or lures works the best, brands of rods and reels… opinions on everything and anything. Around the area of Central New York, there are all sorts of different bodies of water, and species of fish to target. The primary for me would have to be river fishing for largemouth and small mouth bass.

Coming along with River Fishing is the planning that goes along with it. Planning a “Float” is almost as important as making sure you bring your rod and reel along. Living and working on the Seneca River, which connects Seneca Lake to Cayuga Lake (the two largest Finger Lakes in central New York) I have had a chance to float down that section of River many times, and have learned a lot of “do’s and do not’s” in the process.


A good rule of thumb, as always when you are paddling, is to use the buddy system, having a put in and take out point is one thing, but not having transportation when you take out makes it pretty pointless. Having a vehicle at your take out point, with at the very least, a way to get back to your portage vehicle would easily allow you to do a lot more fishing, instead of having to paddle all the way back up river to your put in location. Another key thing to remember when parking is to make sure you have the right/permission to park where you are. Nothing worse than coming back from a day on the water to a ticket on your car, or worse…. No car.

Which brings me to my next point, it seems silly, but knowing the details about the river you are setting up to fish can truly be the difference maker on the outcome of your day; current conditions, tides if applicable), hot spots, and even the best baits. Nothing is worse than putting in at your location, planning this great float, only to find out you are floating the other direction. Also, talking to locals in the area, you might find out that an area that looks great for the fish you are going after is actually a complete waste of time, and something that should just be skipped. So, do your homework and be prepared.
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The main thing you should always remember is to just have fun, fishing is all about unplugging and recharging your mental tanks, being out on the water is supposed to be a pleasant experience and proper planning is key to a relaxing day on the water. Follow these simple pointers, and get out and float!